Jago River:

This video about the August 2007 trip I made with my old ski patrol, Denali, Mount Michelson, El Cap, Noatak river buddy Tom Rambo to Mount Isto and the Jago River. We climbed the East face of Isto; a hair raising class 4 first (maybe) ascent. After Isto, we paddled a SOAR inflatable canoe one hundred miles down the Jago River. This may well have been the first complete descent of the Jago. We ran one five mile stretch of class four rapids. Most of the paddling involved moving back and forth in the current dodging ever present boulders. A two-mile pull across the river delta mud flats and a twelve-mile open ocean paddle back to Barter Island iced the cake.

I drowned my Canon video camera on the first river day but did keep my 4×5 camera and FILM!!! from swimming.
Claude Fiddler
Crowley Lake, 2009